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Moustache ebikes build on the long-standing association of moustaches with bikes. Inspired by brave riders of the first hour sporting their moustaches while pedalling through the countryside, Moustache’s founders set out to build high-quality, practical and beautiful ebikes made for every day of the week.



The various models highlight specific trips and purposes that the bike is made for. For example, the Lundi (Monday) range to start the week well with a comfortable ride to work with or without passengers, right through to the Samedi (Saturday) and Dimanche (Sunday) ranges for the weekend getaway, whether it be on the road, rail trails or MTB single tracks.

The Lundi range features the custom Moustache handlebar for ultimate riding comfort for riders of all heights.

All Moustache ebikes are powered by Bosch ebike systems, giving you a reliable and long-lasting user experience, as well as support from local shops no matter where you might find yourself riding your Moustache ebike.

Moustache ebikes are designed, engineered and assembled in their factory in the French Vosges region by a growing team of more than 200 dedicated employees who ride their bikes everyday to give them the best possible testing environment.

Sparque in Melbourne and Perth are proud to partner with Moustache and carry the Australian range of ebikes in both showrooms for you to try, lease and purchase.

Full salary sacrifice option when using the ebike to commute

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