Riese & Müller - Multicharger Mixte GT vario

The Riese & Müller Multicharger Mixte series has taken the hearts of cargo transporting bike riders by storm. The Multicharger and Multicharger Mixte have been completely redesigned and updated with the Bosch Performance CX Gen4 drive unit and battery capacity up to 1,125Wh (625Wh fully-integrated, removable Bosch PowerTube battery as standard). Taking the great features of the acclaimed Charger3 series with a slightly extended wheelbase and 26″ wheels creates a unique mid-tail e-cargobike. A loading area long enough to carry 4 panniers, 2 kids or an adult (65kgs capacity) on a bike that can take you anywhere and retains the sporty feeling that Riese & Müller are renowned for. Where do you want to go next? Taking the two little ones to nursery during the week, heading off on a day outing with kit and caboodle or perhaps a big family shopping trip? No matter what your plans are: the Multicharger Mixte is up for anything. What’s its special feat? It handles with the lightness of a normal E-Bike, while boasting superior safety. And, thanks to the comfortable step-through, getting on and off could not be easier. For taller people a new 51cm framesize is now available too, in addition to the standard 47cm. The Riese & Müller Multicharger Mixte is available with derailleur gears (GT light and GT touring models), the Enviolo continuously-variable hub gears with a low-maintenance belt drive (GT vario model), and the unrivalled Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 14-speed hub with E-14 electronic shifting (GT rohloff model). The GT touring 750 and GT vario 750 models feature the all-new Bosch Smartsystem including the extra-large 750Wh battery and new Kiox 300 display unit. A wide variety of accessories let you customise the bike to your liking. Available for test riding at E-stralian in Melbourne. A wide variety of accessories let you customise the bike to your liking. Available for test riding at E-stralian in Melbourne.

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    Riese & Müller - Multicharger Mixte GT vario

    E-bike System
    Bosch Performance CX (Gen4) with Purion display
    Magura MT4 hydraulic disc (MT5 front)
    Enviolo 380 continuously-variable hub
    Gates belt drive
    Available Sizes
    47, 51
    Available Colours
    Pearl White
    Black Matt
    Utility Grey
    Black Matt
    Utility Grey
    Curry Matt
    Special Features

    Every Riese & Müller e-bike is built to order in Germany.Talk to us to configure your personalised e-bike.

    Nyon cockpit, SmartphoneHub cockpit, , Front carrier, Front carrier with bag, Cargo front carrier, Cargo Bags, Additional chain lock with bag, GX option, Passenger kit, Safety bar kit
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    Full salary sacrifice option when using the e-bike to commute

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