1. What is the difference between an e-bike, a pedelec/pedalec and a pedal-assisted electric bicycle?

    “E-bike” is a broad categorisation of bicycles equipped with an electronic motor. E-bikes can be operated as a pedal-assisted bicycle or as a throttle-operated bicycle. Before 2012, there was a single standard for e-bikes in Australia, allowing for both pedal-assisted and throttle-based operation, with a motor of maximum 200W. In 2012 the Commonwealth added to this existing standard a second definition of e-bikes, called “pedelecs/pedalecs”, following the European standard (EN15194). This European standard requires an e-bike to be pedal-assist only, so you are required to pedal to engage the 250W motor. The motor provides support up to a speed of 25kph (with a fade out between 25kph and 27kph on most models). Technological development is concentrated on pedelecs now. Therefore, to give you the best user experience, all models in our range are pedelecs.

  2. I’m an e-bike manufacturer/distributor. How do I get my e-bikes added to your range of models?

    Not very different at all, except for the additional push you get from the motor, which makes it so much easier and more fun! Other than that, pedalling, operating the gears, brakes, and steering on an e-bike are basically the same as on a regular bicycle.