They say you can’t reinvent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. Gocycle® did both. So passionate was Richard Thorpe about creating the perfect e-bike that he left a dream design job with McLaren Cars to dedicate all of his time to that purpose.

Gocycle G1 e-bike.

With his experience in designing lightweight racing car components and enthusiasm for innovative engineering excellence, Richard believed that an e-bike should be elegant, desirable, a joy to live with and fun. First dreamed of in 2002, GocycleG1 design was perfected over years of dedicated research and development, and launched in Europe in 2009 to international acclaim, winning Best Electric Bike award at Eurobike.

Since then, Gocycle® has introduced the first e-bike with Daytime Running Lights, the only bike with quick-release side-mounted wheels, and to universal acclaim a fast-folding bike in 2019.

Gocycle® started by re-thinking every element of the bicycle and designing a uniquely integrated machine. We will continue to change perceptions of what a bicycle can be and do.

Starting with the GX in 2019, Gocycle has further enhanced the convenience of their models with the Fast folding feature. Gocycles have been collapsible from G1, but with the GX for the first time the wheels can stay on the Gocycle while folding and the bike can be rolled in folded position, greatly improving the handling for commuters looking to take their bike with them on public transport.

The introduction of the G4 in 2021 marks another milestone for the Gocycle company with an upgraded frame and motor design, new front fork and mid-frame.