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If more people use bicycles to get around, Australian cities will be better places to live. Life is simpler, healthier and more enjoyable with an ebike!

Dutch emigré Thijs van der Heijden and Kent Kavanagh founded Sparque in 2016 with this simple belief, and we work to provide people with the means to easily give up their cars and use ebikes instead for everyday transport.

The joy of the ebike is to allow normal people to wear normal clothes and do normal things in a way that is fun, healthy, sweat-free, economical and often faster than a car or public transport.

Sparque provides quality ebikes for sale and lease from our showrooms in Melbourne and Perth.

“The bicycle is the most civilised conveyance known to man.
Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish.
Only the bicycle remains pure in heart.”

Iris Murdoch, Irish author and philosopher

Our Approach

Sparque are Australia’s ebike experts. Life is for living and the right ebike enables an enjoyable, healthy, convenient lifestyle. Whether you need to get to or from work, grab a few things from the shops, shuttle the family to school, or like to go exploring by bike, getting around should be uncomplicated and stress-free.

As life on the road in a car gets more hectic this is not always the case.

This is where ebikes come into their own. With increasing bike lanes and cycling infrastructure, plus a powerful motor to give you a ‘kick’ when you want it, your ebike makes it easy to get from A to B and back again!

Sparque is your ebike ‘go to’ store. We are more than a store, providing a large range of quality products with multiple purchasing options, servicing, insurance, complementary products and general advice for your ebike.

As a forward-thinking bunch we work with progressive organisations to offer the health, commuting and tax benefits (our leases are FBT exempt) of an ebike to their employees through salary packaging.

We provide reliable products and proactive service. Our full-service workshop makes your annual check-up a breeze no matter where you are.

The team at Sparque knows that life is better with an ebike. So, come and talk with us.

Together, let’s find an ebike that suits you and your lifestyle.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.
John F. Kennedy

Our Ebikes

We only support and sell ‘quality’ ebikes. And our definition of a quality ebike is one that is reliable, low maintenance and, above all, a joy to ride.

The bikes we support and sell are carefully selected from the world’s most advanced ebike manufacturers. You can rely on the durable components of our high quality ebikes for your bike trips.

We do not sell ebikes we consider to be poorly designed, constructed or have inferior components. Why waste time and money on a product that won’t last, requires excessive maintenance, and provides an unsatisfactory riding experience?

The bikes that offer these desirable qualities have the following features:

Overall Design Refinement

Not only are the small details well resolved, the overall appearance and riding experience is excellent and the bike is fit for purpose. The majority of our ebikes are designed and manufactured in Europe (mostly Germany).

High Quality Mid-Mount Motor

  • Most of our ebikes are powered by the Bosch (also German) motor and battery system – Bosch is quite frankly the best overall ebike motor and battery producer in the world.
  • Mid-mount motors are located at the bottom bracket (in between the cranks) where the weight is lower and more central than hub motors so the ebike is better balanced and easier to manoeuvre.
  • Mid-mount motors produce more torque (or push) than hub motors and are better for carrying loads and climbing hills.

Belt Drive

Carbon belts are quieter, don’t require cleaning or oiling and last three times longer than chains.

Internal Hub Gears

Never adjust your gears again. Internal hub gears don’t require cleaning and only need servicing once a year. You can also change gears while you are stopped, so you never get stuck trying to set off in a high gear.

Hydraulic Brakes

Stop quickly and safely with powerful yet sensitive brakes.

Integrated Battery

  • When the battery is integrated into the frame it simply disappears and the bike is more attractive. The battery is also protected from the elements in there and is more secure too.
  • Most of our ebikes come with Bosch batteries, to match the Bosch motors. Bosch batteries are the best in the business. Safer and longer lasting than cheaper batteries.
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Bike Stories

Melbourne Team


Thijs (“Tyse”) has a soft spot for everything bike-related. He is trained as a financial economist. After moving to Melbourne in 2011, he worked at the University of Melbourne before starting Sparque.

Thijs has been riding a bike for transport, recreation and exercise ever since he got the hang of it in his parents’ backyard in the Netherlands as a little boy. In Melbourne, Thijs is a passionate cycling advocate working to improve local cycling infrastructure and riding conditions. As a certified AustCycle trainer, he helps Melburnians build the confidence to ride their bikes (again).

Fun fact: he really does not like riding in the rain, but given that the alternatives are even worse when the weather is bad, he’ll gear up and ride anyway.


An enthusiastic rider since he was a teenager when he enjoyed the freedom of movement a bicycle offered and then 10 years as a bicycle courier before the internet was even a thing, Sandy was distracted by motorbikes for too long but has been back on both acoustic and electric bicycles since 2016 for getting around town and biking holidays. Sandy first met Thijs when he walked into Sparque to buy a Riese & Muller Multicharger and never left. Now he rides his Load 60 nearly every day (as well as his gravel bike) and whenever he sees another adult on a bicycle it reaffirms his faith in humanity.


After working for the largest sales force in the USA, Megan migrated to Australia and commenced her transition from the for-profit to the non-profit sector where Megan gained valuable experience in establishing and managing social enterprises and achieving triple bottom line outcomes. Sparque’s social and entrepreneurial focus interested Megan and she has been dedicated to Sparque’s growth since 2017. Megan’s core strength is her ability to broker and grow strategic relationships that result in mutually beneficial outcomes that are both economically successful and socially viable. Megan has been commuting with her ebike and kids since they were 2 and 3 and continues to utilise ebikes to accommodate her growing family, social life and extensive school activities.


Alistair caught the ebike bug in 2016 helping with a friend’s start-up bicycle business in North Melbourne. What began as a short-term change of scenery from the world of investment markets he had been in for 10 years turned into a career change! He grew with that business for 4 years as it evolved from a start-up to the multinational brand, LEKKER Bikes. Hooked on the ebike revolution, Alistair moved into sales and distribution for several leading ebike brands before joining the entrepreneurial team at Sparque in 2021.

Alistair is passionate about ebikes revolutionising how people use bicycles to commute around our cities whilst also carrying children, pets, groceries and more!


A lifelong rider, Jon grew up on BMXs and steel 80s MTBs and has always preferred the freedom of commuting on a bike, rain, hail, or shine. Jon joined Sparque in 2022, shifting from a 20-year career in arts management to focus on learning everything about ebikes and to continue his own art practice. A passionate advocate for sustainable transport, and with a young family, he decided to shift to a career where positive change (personally and environmentally) was part of the day to day. He loves to help people see the possibilities of family life on a bike and how easy it is to transition to a bike-centric lifestyle, and is often spotted in the inner north lugging kids, groceries, art materials and all sorts of things around on a bike.


Lars hails from Hamburg, Germany and had his first taste of bicycle mechanics fixing his courier bike on the side of the road and in a DIY workshop there. This led to helping others out and eventually to working at bike shops as a mechanic and workshop manager.

Now, we are lucky to have Lars and wealth of knowledge and experience in our workshop in North Melbourne. He is still naturally helpful and really loves to understand exactly how things work and then find creative solutions to any mechanical or other engineering problems.

Lars enjoys riding to work, especially shortening his commute and zipping past all the cars.

Away from the workshop Lars enjoys camping & hiking, reading & gaming.


An industry veteran with over 20 years experience, Evan’s first love affair with bikes was a BMX he built himself when he was 14 years old – which led to an enduring love for mountain bikes, especially cross country and endurance riding. His professional life started out in composites engineering and testing of bicycle frames and included running his own women’s focussed bike shop in Flemington for 11 years. Now, Evan finds Sparque a very cool place to work (especially in winter) – he enjoys keeping up with all the technical innovation happening with ebikes these days and helping people find the right ebike for them.

Perth Team


Born in the Netherlands, Tommy moved to Australia in 2018 and has been part of the Sparque team since 2020 and now manages our Perth store. As he comes from the “cycling capital of the world”, he enjoys riding bikes and helping people getting on them.

Tommy says, “Working with ebikes is great as they are such sophisticated machines, providing an eco-friendly & efficient alternative to traditional modes of transport. Riding Ebikes is even better, they make riding so much fun and easy. No more arriving sweaty at work!”

Tommy loves to try out all the different ebikes, it’s one of his favourite things about working at Sparque and increases his knowledge base at the same time. He is currently commuting on a Riese & Müller Charger3 GT Vario and it has been a great experience.

“It is always great to find the right ebike for someone and seeing them leave with a smile on their face.”

Besides bikes, he also enjoys following the world of tennis and you can find him in a local pub every now and then!


I have been riding bikes since I was 3 years old and have had many different bikes since then. Currently I have a hardtail ebike for commuting and to ride trails on my days off. I love sharing my bike knowledge, so come and ask me any questions you may have. I ride an ebike and a “traditional” bike too.

Riding bikes helps hugely with mental health, overall fitness and has a great community of like-minded people. The cycling industry keeps evolving and I love seeing new tech emerge. I love seeing new riders begin and also more experienced riders excel with a new, better bike.

Ebikes are a great way to just have fun! To spend time with friends and family, or to get away from it all. Ebikes are also a great way to get more people on bikes, creating a viable transport solution.

Almost anyone can explore and improve their fitness, with the freedom that ebikes provide. It’s free therapy, who doesn’t love that? Good for the mind, body, and soul. The perfect way to get into nature and explore.


We have helped thousands of riders take control of their commute and become part of the transport revolution!
Here’s what some of them say;


Alison GAlison G
02:28 18 Aug 23
Great service and range of products. Convenient location near tram stop makes dropping bikes in for servicing easy.
Henry RobeHenry Robe
16:50 23 Jun 23
Great experience 👍
Elissa StapletonElissa Stapleton
11:17 11 Jun 23
This bike shop was recommended to me by a family who had recently bought the same model of cargo bike that I was looking to buy.Since making the first phone call to get some more information, Thijs has been nothing but helpful!Even after receiving my bike, Thijs has followed up to make sure that everything was working well and been very happy to answer questions about insurance etc.I am now hooked with the electric assist! Happy to recommend Sparque to anyone looking to buy a bike.
Andreas WiebelAndreas Wiebel
11:49 26 May 23
I've been a passionate cyclist all my life: trekking bikes, road bikes, cargo bikes, you name it. The Sparque team knows what they are doing. I was particularly pleased that they offer products and service from the German brand Riese & Müller. Moreover, customer service is written really BIG here. Highly recommended!
Piet CoetzeePiet Coetzee
04:36 24 May 23
The Sparque team as a whole were easy to communicate with and provided help along the way to make a decision which bike to order.Very happy with them, my new bike and highly recommend giving them an opportunity to be of service.
Machteld HiemstraMachteld Hiemstra
02:06 30 Dec 22
We rented a cargo bike and an electric bike from Sparque that we used for our week in Melbourne. We have a 1.5 year old son and it was the perfect way to explore the city with him. He had a good view of everything and we were able to transport all our stuff (buggy, picnic stuff, groceries).Sparque is a friendly shop with knowledgeable staff. Thijs could tell us all about the cargo bikes.I would go here definitely again next time Melbourne. And if you have small children, the cargo bike really is your go-to.
Marleen SMarleen S
00:03 24 Apr 21
I just purchased my first e-bike from E-stralian, after a long time looking for the right one at the right price. Thijs had an ex-lease bike up for sale and sent me photos, answered ALL my questions, and was very patient with me. Transaction was easy, communication very good, and the bike arrived here in excellent condition with Bretts Transport, who took great care of my 'new' treasure. I can not speak highly enough of E-stralian, and will definetely contact them again if or when I ever am on the hunt for another e-bike, even though they are in another state!

Welcome! E-stralian is now Sparque. A fresh name to mark the next stage of our journey, with the same team of dedicated and enthusiastic ebike experts and brands we represent. Get in touch and let us help you with your ebike journey.